I've been doing hobbyist woodworking for a few years and wanted a place to collect some of the things that I think turned out rather well. Most of what I've done has been small scale and just for personal use. There are some turned items Rolling Pins and some flatwork. It hasn't all been fun, some of it's been darn frustrating and difficult. But it *has* been a learning exercise and that's been worthwhile.

Some of the first things I ever turned were Christmas ornaments. They were big, heavy and poorly finished but my wife was kind enough to hang them on the tree anyway. Now I've gotten a little better and I can turn out some things that I'm not embarrassed to give as gifts. Christmas Trees Mallets That's useful since it means I can fill other people's homes with my lessons, rather than having to find a place to keep them all in our house

More recently I've begun teaching myself how to turn bowls Cherry Bowl from finished lumber or from some logs that I've found here and there. The results are preliminary but I think I'm starting to understand some of the concepts so hopefully I'll be able to give some of those away soon, too.

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